Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flip Flop

It's funny how some nursing students think that their instructors are "out to get them." I have to admit that I always thought Old Military Nurse Instructor (OMNI) was out to get one student in particular. Now mind you, nursing students drop like flies in the beginning of some nursing programs.

In my basic nursing education the first student to drop was Cindy Hoo, a cutesy blond with carefully manicured long fingernails. In the 1980's if you had long nails it was because you took good care of them, not because you plunked down a few bucks for acrylics. Once OMNI laid down the dress code law, Hoo vanished. No way was she trimming her nails to be a nurse!

The Bane of OMNI was a woman we called Flip-Flop. That moniker stuck with her after she was written up for wearing flip-flop sandals to a community health clinic observation. Oh, Flip-Flip, the crazy things you did! Drove OMNI batty. Back then we (the nursing students) knew that Flip-Flop's days were numbered. Old OMNI was going to get her one way or another, or so we thought. She was always getting into trouble.

It finally happened in the second year of the program. OMNI had assigned Flip-Flop the exact same type of patient THREE WEEKS in a row. Three hip replacements in a row! Flip Flop still couldn't get the nursing care plan right. Out the door she went. Clinical failure. It's funny; now that I look back I can see that OMNI was not "out to get" Flip Flop. If that were the case, she would not have assigned the same type of patient three weeks in a row. Seems to me she was giving the student a good chance to GET IT RIGHT!

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Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I also had a militant nursing instructor who I thought had it out for me. At the end of the rotation, I got the best eval I had ever gotten. When I asked her if it was MY eval? She asked why? I told her that I thought she was out to get me. She said that she always rode her best students because she knew we would be the best. Who knew!

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